The mayor
Salas Roca

Welcome to Costitx’s new site

These words of welcome to the official site of the Costitx Town Hall are the expression of a feeling of gratitude towards the people of Costitx that day after day and year after year have striven to make Costitx a reference town in Mallorca and the centre of the island.
We can be proud of our excellent services and of being at the top of the well-being and quality of life rankings. We owe it all to you because you have been able to combine modernity with loyalty to tradition and a way of understanding life that characterizes our Mallorcan nature.
This is why I believe that visitors to our town will find a wide range of opportunities and all kind of offers to make your visit more rewarding.
Costitx has sites that are worth visiting: the Mallorca Astronomy Observatory, one of the top facilities in Europe; good gastronomy; the Natural Science Museum and an excellent archaeological heritage.
But above all, Costitx stands out for the kindness and warmth of its people that you will enjoy during your visit.
As I said before, thank you and welcome!